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47 Days

No one really knows what to do when a loved one goes missing. Maybe if I’d seen the Missing Person’s Primer of the Hope for the Missing’s website from the very first day, it could have helped me early on. But I was totally devastated and still am.

Happy Memories with Steve
Happy Memories with Steve

When the media outlets reached out to me and my family that first week, I wasn’t ready. No one can be ready for this. I was hoping and praying that the FBI, BPD, other law enforcement agencies and volunteers would be able to find him at that time. I thought they would be able find him in a few days with all that resources they have on hand. But they all came out empty-handed. No clue at all except for that singular scent of him that the bloodhounds picked up from our home to the Stough Canyon Nature Center which doesn’t really confirm if he even went there on the same day because according to the LE’s, human scent can stay within the travel path up to three weeks.

After that, I knew I have to take action. I have to get out from this fog of pain that keeps haunting me. I have to face the reality on how the media outlet works and that most of them consider my husband as missing is old news. But that is not old news to me.

I really am grateful for the media outlets who had helped spread the word about Steve, that he’s still missing. You’ll never know who might see the news and this could help in finding Steve.

I did reach out to Nancy Grace’s producer & America’s Most Wanted because I know both shows have a Missing Person segment and I’m still waiting for their response. I do need your help. Hundreds of people send their cases to their shows and a lot of them don’t get any attention. But if the concerned public clamor for Steve’s story to be included in both of their Missing Person’s segment, then there’s a chance for us to get some media awareness for Steve. And that means, possible leads that may bring back home Steve safely to us. So, please spare me 30 minutes of your time to:

a. call them or write them an email or snail mail,

b. post or send them a message with my website links & facebook page links on their facebook page,

and make a request to include Steve’s story in their Missing Person segment.

Here are their info:

Nancy Grace
Viewer Hotline 1-877-626-2901

Facebook Page:

America’s Most Wanted

Call hotline at 1-800-Crime-TV

America’s Most Wanted
Missing Persons Unit
P.O. Box Crime TV
Washington, DC 20016

Thank you.

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