Thea's Thoughts

24th Day

It’s almost a month & we still have no news. In my desperation, I’m seeking unconventional means to bring Steve back home safely. What do I have to lose? Whatever works, right? A lovely lady recommended me to thi…s website: They’re nonprofit organization that assists law enforcement & families of missing persons & homicide victims. I spoke to Kelly Snyder, the founder who is a retired Federal Agent. I like his down to earth attitude about working with the psychics. There, I said it! The P word. In any case, he’s been reaching out to the lead detective of this case. I hope that the information he’ll share will help in bringing back Steve home safely.

I’m grateful by the connections I make from this Facebook page. The inputs or suggestions you all send to me is being heard even if it takes a little while before I get back to respond.

Thank you.