A Eulogy From Karen Cayaba

All of us have heard this line, ‘you will only know a person until you live with them’. I find myself very fortunate to have been welcomed to the home of Ate Thea & Steve during the time when I was rebuilding my life.

As everyone here knows, Steve is a quiet and reserve person. However, during my stay in their home, I saw how Steve could quietly tease my cousin, Thea, endlessly. Their playfulness with each other truly mirrored how much love & respect he has for my cousin. And, as a cousin of Thea, it was a heartwarming sight to see.

A Eulogy From Karen Cayaba
A Eulogy From Karen Cayaba

Steve wanted to be considered as a reliable, considerate, confident & genuine person. And, in his short life I am sure we can all agree that he attained just that. So, I believe that even though he had a short life, I know that it was a fulfilled life for he made his visions & goals a reality.

I feel so blessed & thankful that the week before Steve went missing, our family was able to let him know how much we love him. How much we care for his well-being.

We know that no one is perfect. But, our family is in agreement that Steve is pretty darn close to perfection. And, I am very glad that we were able to express that to him during the last days of his life.

Steve, we love you. We will pray for you until you let us know that you are ok.