Thea's Thoughts

23rd Day

Uncle Jim told me as we got home from our excursion in Disneyland, “I’d been thinking while we were at the park that Steve should have been here, not me. This is not right.”

It was a beautiful day, my little munchkin had a great time getting on the rides, watching the roller coasters & trying out his new vocabulary, “humongous” to describe large objects around Disneyla…nd. He just really made me smile. But I can’t help remembering how Steve loves bringing him there, at the happiest place on earth. For that moment it was.

I can’t help noticing the families who were there – the dad, the mom & the kids. Complete. I can’t help noticing the young couples that just looks so in love, holding hands & all. It’s been ten years that we’re together & yet my heart can still skip a beat for my husband. I wish I’d told him that before he disappeared. And I look at my little boy; he looks so much like him. I’m so blessed in many other ways.

Please help me reunite our family. Help me bring Steve home safely. I hope that someone out there might have seen him. That someone out there would eventually reach out to us, or to the Burbank Police Department or to the FBI. Please share this page and help me post Steve’s “missing person” flyer in any place that you think would be helpful.

Thank you.