Thea's Thoughts

25th Day

It’s been an exhausting day. I started teaching SketchUp for the summer night sessions earlier. I’m glad that my class was full & my students were fairly easy to work with. Then, we have a deadline at my day job as a designer. It helps that I love what I do & it pays the bills at the same time. It helps me occupied, focused & normal. For twelve hours, I wasn’t in the wor…rying mood. But as soon as I was about to go home, I felt the helplessness overcame me. I should be out there, looking for him.

Again, I’m asking for your help because I can’t do this by myself. Help me bring Steve home safely. I hope that someone out there might have seen him. That someone out there would eventually reach out to us, or to the Burbank Police Department at at (818) 238-3000 or to the FBI at (818) 238-3000. Please share this page and help me post Steve’s “missing person” flyer in any place that you think would be helpful.

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