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33rd Day


The reason why I decided to reach out to media outlets is to bring awareness that my husband Steve is still missing. I can’t let this case go cold. Media awareness could lead to tips & these information could lead to the Burbank Police Department & the FBI to follow up on these tips & search for him again. Nothing more than that. My main goal is to bring Steve back home safely.

It's All About Steve
It's All About Steve Coming Home

In spite of the glaring detail that his issued gun is missing from our home and he’s depressed, I still have hope that he’s alive. That’s what I’d been telling our child, “let’s hope & pray that Daddy will be back home soon.”

I really hope that the FBI would actively help us again in the search for Steve even if this is under the Burbank Police Department’s jurisdiction. They have the resources at hand to find Steve. No FBI agent should be missing in his own country.

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