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47 Days

No one really knows what to do when a loved one goes missing. Maybe if I’d seen the Missing Person’s Primer of the Hope for the Missing’s website from the very first day, it could have helped me early on. But I was totally devastated and still am.

Happy Memories with Steve
Happy Memories with Steve

When the media outlets reached out to me and my family that first week, I wasn’t ready. No one can be ready for this. I was hoping and praying that the FBI, BPD, other law enforcement agencies and volunteers would be able to find him at that time. I thought they would be able find him in a few days with all that resources they have on hand. But they all came out empty-handed. No clue at all except for that singular scent of him that the bloodhounds picked up from our home to the Stough Canyon Nature Center which doesn’t really confirm if he even went there on the same day because according to the LE’s, human scent can stay within the travel path up to three weeks.

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