Thea's Thoughts

22nd Day

“You can never be prepared for whatever that will happen, you just take it one day at a time.” My mother in law said that. She’s back in Boston & the little munchkin & I do miss her. She’s such a strong woman. Our uncle Jim is still here in LA & helping me out with the search for Steve. I’m so glad that my mom will be coming over soon to help me out with the little munch…kin.

If there’s any setback in my life however simple or difficult it is, I’d always try to figure it out by myself. I also relied on Steve, or my family & my close friends to help me out. What’s refreshing is the kindness from strangers that I’m receiving. It has always been my mindset when I know someone needs help, I would like to be the one helping. It’s uneasy at first to receive help from anyone. In these days, one would think that there’s always a hidden motive, agenda or an exchange for anything whenever someone is trying to give you something. I’m amazed with people who wants to help because they just purely want to help. I’m really thankful for that.

So this time again, I’m unabashedly asking your help to share & ask your friends to like this page so that they can also spread the word about Steve. It’s been 22 days & we need him to be back home safely.

Thank you.