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46 Days

I talked to Detective Gordon who is the lead detective on this case. Because of the leads we got from Let’s Bring Steve Home Volunteer Search Activity from the past two weekends, the BPD are now following this up. They’ll be sending out again a new all-points bulletin or BOLO’s (be on the look out) to the other law enforcement agencies and focusing on the San Fernando Valley.

Searching For Steve
Searching For Steve

There were concerns raised by the volunteers on how fast the response would be if just in case, there would be a live sightings about Steve. Meaning, a search volunteer saw Steve right there and then. Detective  Gordon assured me that Burbank Police Department would definitely respond immediately if they call the phone number listed on the flyer: (818) 238-3000.

Our goal is ultimately to bring Steve home safely but we also have these other goals that there’ll be an actual physical search activity and now it’s starting to happen again. I owe that to all the volunteers who had participated.

Since our Volunteer Search Activity have positive results, I’m thinking of ways how we can sustain this where all concerned public who are interested will be able to participate within their own cities without having to go all the way to Burbank. I’m thinking of assigning point of contacts within each cities, especially the San Fernando Valley area.

I’m initially thinking that the point of contacts:

  1. will be at a designated place for an hour to meet the volunteers,
  2. will give the volunteers flyers and addresses of places they can go to post and distribute Steve’s missing person flyer.
  3. Will gather information if the volunteers get any leads & send me back a report at the end of the day

So, if you have some thoughts or are interested to be a point of contact, please send me a message. I would like to start this type of search activity this coming Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Thank you.

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