Thea's Thoughts

26th Day

The same with other people, I have my routine when I get home: dinner, spend time with the little munchkin, clean up & get ready for the next day. Now, my additional routine is to work on activities to achieve my goal that will bring Steve back home safely. I set up this Facebook page & now I’m working on the website. I’m also reaching out to non-profit organizations in …my search for Steve. I’m trying my best to keep the awareness going so that people will pay attention just in case anyone might see Steve. I know a lot of people have some questions, especially in the media. I haven’t talked to anyone YET because whatever I’ll say & do will affect my child and that’s my greatest concern.

I’m living my life right now with a hole in my heart until Steve comes home. But my son keeps me going, my routine keeps me going & my work keeps me going. There is an end to this because I know one day Steve will come home to us safely. But I need your help to make this happen. Uncle Jim will drop off some of Steve’s “missing person” flyers at the Burbank Public Library, Main Branch tomorrow. When you get the chance & if you live within the area of North Hollywood, Sunland, Burbank, Glendale, Tujunga, Montrose & La Canada, & if you don’t have a printer please pick up some flyers the next day or so & post it anywhere that you think would help.

Thank you.