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39th Day


Before Steve disappeared, I’d already been part of a facebook group who are Pandora charm collectors. My in-laws actually got me into it. I love the fact that I can actually have a memento for a special memory, favorite objects, symbols & names of loved ones. It may seem trivial and materialistic to some people. But these are tokens of love.

Pandora Angel
Pandora Angel

The last gift I got from my hubby was a Pandora 10 year anniversary charm which symbolizes how long we’d known each other. It’s called a Destiny charm. It feels like that most of the time with my husband. It’s a love partnership that’s meant to be.

Sometimes, it pains me to look at the charms I received from my husband. I would readily give up these treasures just for him to be back home. And then I remember the lovely ladies from these groups. I’d even gained wonderful friendships because of this. There’s one particular Pandora group that evolved beyond our interest in Pandora charms. It’s women supporting women and the group is called Pandora Angels.

This past weekend, I got a wonderful surprise from these generous ladies. I received an angel charm with a golden halo. They also promised that they’ll share the Let’s Bring Steve Home facebook page regularly to their own family & friends. It’s special to me because angels symbolizes protection and guidance. And I pray that angels will take care and protect Steve everyday. I pray that he’ll be guided safely on the way back home to me & our little munchkin.

To my Pandora Angels, thank you.

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