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27th Day

The little munchkin said disappointedly earlier: “Daddy not read book. Daddy still working.”

My reply: “Daddy is not working right now. I don’t know where he is. But let’s pray & hope that he’ll come home soon.”

It’s not easy to say that to a child who loves & misses his Dad. But I have to answer his questions in words that I’m comfortable with. That’s what I’m learning & this is a process. I have to deal with the reality of being a single parent for undetermined period of time. I have such high regard for single parents because I don’t know how they do it.

The Ivens Family Shoes
The Ivens Family Shoes

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, I cannot afford to be pessimistic & reckless. I do have my dark periods but I cannot linger there. I have a child who needs me & my husband needs me to be strong. That’s my reality for now. Whatever I do or say is going to affect my child & any parent can relate to that. I do appreciate everyone’s feedback here because each & everyone is different. It’s a reality that everyone has their own opinion, insights, or conclusions even without basis. I’m learning to listen to my own voice again & not anyone else’s – be it my family or friends or even some highly opinionated people. Because in the end, it’s my life, my little one’s & Steve’s future.

“Let’s Bring Steve Home” is not a facebook page or webpage about religion. I see myself & Steve as more spiritual than religious. If it takes Buddha to bring Steve back home safely, so be it. But I believe in the power of prayers, positive thinking & the strength of intentions. Miracles do happen. The rest of my family are religious & that’s part of who I am. I see prayers as a tool to keep me focused. And I’m so glad that a lot of people respects that. I’m so grateful for all your prayers. We need it especially these days since it’s taking a long time before Steve comes back home safely.

Thank you.

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1 thought on “27th Day”

  1. Hi Thea, I have followed this from the very first day. Just want you to know that I pray for you in my own way and can not wait to hear that your family is complete once again with your husband’s safe return. Your little munchkin is a very fortunate little guy to have such a strong and courageous Mom in this trying time. My wish for you is that you continue to find peace within yourself and just believe that everything happens for a reason. Please take care of yourself and love yourself as that will keep you strong. Realize that it is OK to be mad, sad or whatever you are feeling in that moment. You should embrace whatever you are feeling in any given moment because that is what life is all about. There are no right or wrongs. I will continue to send you loving and positive thoughts.
    Very sincerely,
    Tracy Kileen


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