Thea's Thoughts

71 Days

Those Steve’s Missing Person flyers are working. When we had the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil last week, there was a sighting of Steve around Santa Monica. And this happened because the reporting party received Steve’s Missing Person flyer from my uncle Jim who did his own personal search around that city last month.


There’s a chance that this could really be Steve but there’s also a chance that it just looks like him. But this is giving me a sign that people are now being aware that Steve is missing and that they care. That really means a lot to me and my family.

The reason why I changed Steve’s Missing Person Flyer is because I want to make sure that when there’s a sighting, there’s a higher percentage chance that it’s him because a person can look differently in each photos.

Here’s the link for Steve’s new Missing Person flyer:
Please use the pdf file instead of the jpg file because the pdf file is much clearer.

I really need your help because my family can’t do this alone. Wherever you are within the US, please download, print and post the new flyers in any place that you think would help. Here are the places our family think would help: at the parks, hiking trails, soup kitchens, schools, churches, grocery stores, community boards, homeless shelters, hospitals, etc.

Thank you.

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