Thea's Thoughts

72 Days

Find Me and Arizona Search Track and Rescue (AZ-STAR) arrived last Friday to help our family in our search for Steve earlier today. They had a briefing early morning between 5-6AM and head out to 9 search areas. I think the search lasted until 7PM.

Let's Search For Stephen Ryan Ivens
Let’s Search For Stephen Ryan Ivens

Even though I was the one who contacted Kelly Snyder (Find Me’s head) to seek assistance, they coordinate more with the Burbank Police Department, specifically with Detective Gordon about what they’re doing and the locations where they are doing their searches. I still have to ask Detective Gordon about the result of their searches. I think that’s protocol among Search and Rescue Teams. It’s kind of frustrating because I would like to know every single detail of any information out there.

I went to their command post and touch base with the two groups during their morning break and coincidentally, NCB4 LA arrived to do an interview with me and the group. The interview was shown briefly earlier at 6PM news. I’m really grateful for the opportunity that my husband’s face shows up on television again. Who knows who will be watching the 6 o’clock news which may result to more leads.

There could be many theories about his disappearance: that he’s Voluntary Missing and maybe living as a homeless person or had checked in at a medical facility incognito, or “walked out of his life” and living a new identity, or that he had committed suicide, or that it must be foulplay, or that he’s working on a case or working undercover, or that he’s been abducted.  Whatever theory that could be true, I still believe that there’s someone out there who might have seen him or someone who knows where he is. I really hope that person would come forward and let us know Steve’s location.

I’m grateful to Find Me and AZ-STAR for travelling all the way from Arizona just to help me out in my family’s goal in bringing back Steve home safely

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