Thea's Thoughts

59 Days

Every Sunday, I would like to reflect back on all the good things in my life, or anything positive that had happened during the past week.

Today is a good day.

I spent the day with my family and we delegated among ourselves what are the things that needs to be done regarding the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil. My aunt Naomi & my mom cooked dinner and they cooked tilapia in vinegar broth, a Filipino comfort food for me. I may not tell this to their faces but I’m really grateful that I have them there planning with me.

Daddy & Me

We Skyped with my in-laws (Steve’s family) for an hour and a half  and my little munchkin told them stories, sang and showed them shapes and numbers. I’m grateful for for that moment.

I had a movie night out with my mommy friends and I really had a good time. For a couple of hours, I was transported somewhere else where I don’t have to think that Steve is still missing. It doesn’t even matter what movie I was watching because I’d been out of the loop about what movies are currently being shown. I’m grateful for the company I had.

But as soon as the movie was over. I just had this overwhelming feeling of missing him. I remember how understanding he has been about me- spending time with my girlfriends. I remember as soon as I got home, we’ll usually talk about what we did during the time we’re not together. I’m grateful for that memory. I’m so grateful for his generosity.

Thank you, babe.