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78 Days

Kelly Snyder, Claudia Shmitz, Sharon Reinhardt, Dan Baldwin, Claudia Shmitz, Sharon Reinhardt, Dan Baldwin, Rick and Gloria Snider, Bob and Terri Davies were part of the Find Me and the Arizona Search Track and Rescue (AZ-STAR) group that volunteered from Arizona.

Find Me & AZ-STAR
Find Me & AZ-STAR

The AZ-STAR dogs that helped in our search for Steve or even clues were YuHu, a Siberian Husky; Stryker, a Belgian Tervuren; and Spenser , a Black Labrador. My little munchkin was able to meet them but he’s a little scared of big dogs. They’re lovely dogs, though.


I kept in touch with Kelly and he told me that they’re home safe but just finished doing a search for an Continue reading “78 Days”

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72 Days

Find Me and Arizona Search Track and Rescue (AZ-STAR) arrived last Friday to help our family in our search for Steve earlier today. They had a briefing early morning between 5-6AM and head out to 9 search areas. I think the search lasted until 7PM.

Let's Search For Stephen Ryan Ivens
Let’s Search For Stephen Ryan Ivens

Even though I was the one who contacted Kelly Snyder (Find Me’s head) to seek assistance, they coordinate more with the Burbank Police Department, Continue reading “72 Days”

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71 Days

Those Steve’s Missing Person flyers are working. When we had the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil last week, there was a sighting of Steve around Santa Monica. And this happened because the reporting party received Steve’s Missing Person flyer from my uncle Jim who did his own personal search around that city last month.


There’s a chance that this could really be Steve but there’s also a chance that it just looks like him. But this is Continue reading “71 Days”

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70 Days

Mass Media.

Why am I still reaching out to the press?

I was talking to one of the sergeants at the Burbank Police Department a month ago about the leads that the Volunteers had gathered. He asked me, why is it that the person who might have seen Steve did not call the BPD or even the FBI. I simply told him, “He didn’t know that Steve is a Missing Person.”

There is no awareness.

Steve in Virgina
Steve in Virginia

A lot of people that I know who doesn’t even entertain conspiracy theories are wondering why is that there is no interest from the media at the Continue reading “70 Days”

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60 Days

We believe in the power of prayers.

My family and friends are gathering together at McCambridge Park- green gazebo in front of the playground to hold a prayer vigil for the safe return of my husband, Steve who has been missing for almost 2 months . July 11 will be the 2nd month (62 days) mark of the time he’d been missing.

Flying Together
Flying Together
I’m inviting the Burbank community, parish communities, everyone of religion and denomination to join us. You’re welcome to invite your family and friends, too.

If you’re out of State or in another country, we’ll appreciate if you hold a prayer with a group or with your own family at 7PM, Pacific Standard Time with the intention of bringing back home Steve safely to our family and friends.Thank you.


There’s an 8AM mass at St. Francis Xavier Church with the special intention for the safe return of my husband, Steve. You’re welcome to join me and my family in that mass if you’re available.

St. Francis Xavier Church location:

3801 Scott Road Burbank, CA 91504

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58 Days

W.O.M. Stories

What lead me to finding out about Project Jason is a story of a daughter searching for her missing mother who vanished from her home. This story is leading me into other more missing person stories and their families. Each and everyone’s stories are different and yet we share the same situation: a loved one is missing.

Prayer Vigil Flyer
Prayer Vigil Flyer

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53 Days


I didn’t understand the initial flak when my family started to post prayers, especially prayers based on our religion as a Roman Catholic. It’s part of who I am. The facebook page is not a religion page but by showing our faith, we believe this will help in bringing him home. As I said before, any belief is respected. You’re welcome to post any prayers. But it’s not a site to debate any kinds of religion but to come together, embracing our own diversity with one common goal which is to bring Steve back home safely to our family.

Steve with Our Little One
Steve with Our Little One

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52 Days


That’s the kind of attitude that I’d encountered in my search for my husband, Steve.

“How could anyone abandon their child?”

“Are you two having problems at home? He has probably taken a time out. Just wait for him, he’ll eventually come home.”

“Is he happy with her?” (Someone asking my relative)

“He had taken a gun with him? I hope not but it looks like he did it.”

“A lot of people searched the mountains for him, he’s probably not there (Verdugo mountain).”

“Apparently he doesn’t want to be found, just let it go.”

“Just take care of your child instead of looking for him. He’ll get around.”

“He’s depressed? Anyone can get depressed.”

“Problems at work? That’s normal. I get problems at work, too.”

“There are no signs of foul play.”

“So, he just walked out.”

“You just have to wait until someone finds him in the mountains.” (Meaning due to decomposition)

“It’s a waste of time putting up flyers.”

“So, there are sightings. People had found him then.”(Meaning there’s no need for any more searches)

“He’s FBI. He can take care of himself.”

“He’s FBI. He’s on a mission.”

Steve In Boracay
Steve In Boracay

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51 Days

Kelly Jolkowski, the Founder & President of Project Jason is helping me & my family to keep the awareness going that my husband, Steve is still missing. They have a program called, 18 Wheels Angels which, “is an all volunteer program in which truck drivers volunteer their time and resources to help locate missing loved ones. Target Media Partners works with Project Jason to provide additional assistance for families of the missing by publishing the photos and information for each featured campaign in their monthly magazines, Through the Gears, TruckJobSeekers, and Independent Contractor. These publications have a circulation of 150,000, and can be found at truckstops and other businesses nationwide.”

Steve's Missing Person Flyer On Location
Steve’s Missing Person Flyer On Location

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50 Days

I never thought I would be in a position where I would be talking to a counselor about trauma. I thought all the Oprah shows I had watched would have prepared me for anything – but not this. All the caring thoughts and messages from the facebook to personal messages I received, I really do appreciate and it does help me. I told my counselor that I needed something more. I needed to talk to or connect to people who had been or who does have the same predicament that I do, that have a loved one missing. My counselor was wise enough not to suggest a bereavement group because I just balked at that thought. Because no one knows for sure what happened to Steve, not even the FBI or the Burbank Police Department, and not even the psychics of the world.

Stephen Ivens MissingFlyer
Stephen Ivens Missing Person Flyer

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