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60 Days

We believe in the power of prayers.

My family and friends are gathering together at McCambridge Park- green gazebo in front of the playground to hold a prayer vigil for the safe return of my husband, Steve who has been missing for almost 2 months . July 11 will be the 2nd month (62 days) mark of the time he’d been missing.

Flying Together
Flying Together
I’m inviting the Burbank community, parish communities, everyone of religion and denomination to join us. You’re welcome to invite your family and friends, too.

If you’re out of State or in another country, we’ll appreciate if you hold a prayer with a group or with your own family at 7PM, Pacific Standard Time with the intention of bringing back home Steve safely to our family and friends.Thank you.


There’s an 8AM mass at St. Francis Xavier Church with the special intention for the safe return of my husband, Steve. You’re welcome to join me and my family in that mass if you’re available.

St. Francis Xavier Church location:

3801 Scott Road Burbank, CA 91504