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70 Days

Mass Media.

Why am I still reaching out to the press?

I was talking to one of the sergeants at the Burbank Police Department a month ago about the leads that the Volunteers had gathered. He asked me, why is it that the person who might have seen Steve did not call the BPD or even the FBI. I simply told him, “He didn’t know that Steve is a Missing Person.”

There is no awareness.

Steve in Virgina
Steve in Virginia

A lot of people that I know who doesn’t even entertain conspiracy theories are wondering why is that there is no interest from the media at the national level anymore. Some are even asking, are there any press out there who has the balls to cover this story: an FBI agent missing in his own country?

I do understand that the reason could be –  that my husband, Steve who is still missing is already history in the media timeline. But for our family, it’s current news. I do understand that it could be because we’re not celebrity people and we’re just regular folks who wouldn’t be able to sell any airtime to the public. The Kardashians probably still rules the tube. But our story is your story. We never thought that this would happen to our family.

I don’t have time to be self-conscious when there’s press around to cover my family’s message. I know it’s silly, but yes-in spite of my grief, I still care how I look like when photos are taken afterwards. In spite of the unflattering photos of me, I will still try and reach out to the media. In spite of the unkind remarks about my looks, I’ll still forge ahead. And I’m sincerely grateful for the local press who had helped us out by covering our efforts in our search for Steve. Because of that,  there would be public awareness that Steve is still missing. Eventually, that would generate leads.

Kelly Snyder, the founder of Find Me group who will be helping us at Let’s Bring Steve Home Volunteer Search activity was hesitant to have a media blast. I think he’s concerned about the skepticism of the public about their unique group. But really, what’s in it for them but to help out the family of a Missing Person? They’re not even asking a single cent from anyone.

I explained to him that I usually have my close friend helping me out with the media blast whenever there’s a Voluntary search going on just to keep the awareness going that my husband, Steve is still missing. I expect that the public will react in different ways: indifference; concern but they’re not going to do anything; concern but they don’t know what to do; or hopefully,  they will do something: they’ll reach out to me or to my family, they’ll pray that the volunteers will find him or they’ll be in a look out for him, too. The important thing is that the public will be paying attention.

Even if I get a really small percentage of people doing something or taking any action, it’ll be helpful in our goal to find Steve. Seriously, I’m not saying this with bitterness because it’s the reality of life. I do admit though that I would feel it sometimes but I’m making an effort to get past that because bitterness will not get me anywhere.

I’m grateful  that the staff from the LA Times  covered the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil. Tim Berger  took meaningful and  great photos and Maria Hsin reported objectively.

Thank you for giving me a few minutes of airtime.

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