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53 Days


I didn’t understand the initial flak when my family started to post prayers, especially prayers based on our religion as a Roman Catholic. It’s part of who I am. The facebook page is not a religion page but by showing our faith, we believe this will help in bringing him home. As I said before, any belief is respected. You’re welcome to post any prayers. But it’s not a site to debate any kinds of religion but to come together, embracing our own diversity with one common goal which is to bring Steve back home safely to our family.

Steve with Our Little One
Steve with Our Little One

Today, I went to churches with different denominations that were offering free showers and free meals. From a small Buddha temple in El Monte to the Lutheran Church in the West Valley, I was looking for clues that may lead me in bringing Steve back home safely to us.

Along this journey, I met homeless people who promised to keep an eye out for Steve. One guy even said that he keeps Steve’s Missing Person flyer in his bible and pray for him everyday. One of the things that stood out for me is when I met Pastor Barth as I visited the Lutheran Church. He sat with me to hear my story, asked compassionately how am I doing, and thought of people who he can connect me with. He even prayed over me, Steve and our little one on this journey. It was a beautiful impromptu prayer that really touched my heart.

Then there’s this lady at the San Fernando Rescue Mission who just gave me any information that I asked about service facilities within the San Fernando Valley. It’s amazing the kindness that I received today from people that I just met for the first time.

Thank you for all your kindness.

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