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54 Days

As I mentioned before, Project Jason will be helping me and my family with poster dissemination campaign, 18 Wheel Angels aimed at truck drivers. Business travelers and the general public can help too by going to the website, download, print, and display these posters in local businesses. A special poster is made for each selected person on the campaign. It is a print and place campaign and not just displaying on their trucks.

Steve & Thea
Steve & Thea

“All missing persons who have been featured on the campaign will have their poster available to download on the 18 Wheel Angels page on our website until they are found.
In addition to the campaign, the selected missing person’s information and photo is also featured in a trucking publication called Through the Gears. This free magazine is distributed in truck stops nationwide and has a circulation of about 150,000. The selected missing persons’ information will also be on the website under Missing Persons. Depending upon available space, some families may have a short story about the missing person published in the magazine in addition to the photo(s) and basic data.
Through the Gears is one of Target Media Partner’s many publications. In partnership with Project Jason, they will now feature four missing persons per month. Two will be presented in Through the Gears, and the other two will be in the magazine Independent Contractor.”

Steve will be featured in August. I hope he’ll be found or come back home before then. I’ll post the Steve’s 18 Wheel Angels as soon as it’s available.

I talked to the parish priest at St. Francis Xavier and he said he couldn’t do a special mass in the evening but will do a special intention for Steve in the morning mass on that day. If you’re available please attend the morning mass at 8AM on July 11, next week which would be the 2nd month Steve would be missing. In any case, families and friends are gathering together in the evening at the McCambridge Park to mark that day so we can continue with the awareness campaign that Steve is still missing. But if he comes back home to us safely before that date then we’ll mark that day as a celebration. You’re all invited to join us.

Thank you.

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