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65 Days

One of the things I really miss is when the little munchkin slept in our bed with me and Steve. He usually stays in his crib but there were times on weekends we all slept together in one bed. Or during the week, Steve would bring the little one when he wakes up in the morning and he’ll have his morning milk lying down in our bed. I know he’s two years old already but we still let him drink his morning milk in a feeding bottle. It’s his comfort food and that’s all right with us. These days, it’s just the two of us in one big bed.

Daddy and Me
Daddy and Me

The little munchkin has been mentioning his Daddy in more frequency than before. A friend dropped by last Friday night and brought dinner for us and sat where Steve used to sit and our little buddy said, “Daddy there” a lot of times. He didn’t want anyone sitting on his Daddy’s chair. My mom said sometimes, the little one would be caressing Steve’s portrait that I drew which was displayed in the living room. He did that a lot of times this past week.

Steve usually cook breakfast for us on weekends and when he’s not, either we go to Ihop or Ikea for breakfast. We went to Ikea earlier this morning and the little munchkin heard the announcer and he said, “Sounds like Daddy.”

At night, our last ritual is to sing lullabye songs and then say goodnight to each other. Tonight he said, “Goodnight momma, goodnight Daddy. I love you momma, I love you, Daddy. Daddy come home.”

I don’t know if Steve will ever see this blog. But I hope he will one day so that he gets to know that he’s never been forgotten. And that we love him so much and that we’re keeping the faith that he’ll come home safely and soon.

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