Thea's Thoughts

66 Days

After the mass, we pass by the statue of Mother Mary in the church’s garden and our little munchkin said, “Mama Mary, bring Daddy home.” I think it stuck with him when I told him that I’m praying to Mama Mary to help us bring Daddy home.

the little munchkin dance
the little munchkin dance

One of the things we love to do in the evening and weekends is to read books when I get home. I’m quite strict with limiting his television time but how can you resist it when he ask, “Elmo with milk, please?” I don’t go clubbing anymore but that’s all right. My nights are spent dancing with my little one to the soundtrack of  Yo Gabba Gabba that we received from one of my mommy friends as a favor from a birthday party.

Sometimes, I just can’t help it and I would have moments when I’m overwhelmed with emotion and the little one would see that. He would hug me and say, “Momma, sad. Momma, cry. I’m sad.” All I could tell him is, “it’s okay to be sad, baby.” I’m grateful for having this sweet child of mine.

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