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69 Days

Find Me and AZ-STAR,  a unique team of search volunteers who are coming from Arizona,  almost couldn’t make it this weekend because the hotel they’re trying to arrange for accommodations changed  their rate. I’m really glad that Detective Gordon from the Burbank Police Department helped out these groups to negotiate a better rate in a different hotel which is the Holiday Inn.



I had an interesting discussion with a family friend last night. She told me that when she deals with her own problems, she prioritizes the things that she needs to do depending on the role which is the most important for her – as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as an employee, etc. She advices me that I should Continue reading “69 Days”

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62 Days

The Prayer Vigil.

There are things that we did during the prayer vigil to make it special for Steve: we had a prayer box where all the guest can write their own personal prayer for Steve; the lighting of a candle to guide his path going back home safely to us; we played the song, “Rose”; and a mass release of monarch butterflies which we also did during our wedding reception 8 years ago. These are 62 butterflies to mark each day that Steve has been missing. This means a promise of a new beginning  or a new chapter in our life together when he comes back home to me & our little munchkin.

I hope and pray that you'll come back home soon, babe.
Stephen Ryan Ivens, a loving husband & father. I declare that he’ll come back to us safely, soon.

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60 Days

We believe in the power of prayers.

My family and friends are gathering together at McCambridge Park- green gazebo in front of the playground to hold a prayer vigil for the safe return of my husband, Steve who has been missing for almost 2 months . July 11 will be the 2nd month (62 days) mark of the time he’d been missing.

Flying Together
Flying Together
I’m inviting the Burbank community, parish communities, everyone of religion and denomination to join us. You’re welcome to invite your family and friends, too.

If you’re out of State or in another country, we’ll appreciate if you hold a prayer with a group or with your own family at 7PM, Pacific Standard Time with the intention of bringing back home Steve safely to our family and friends.Thank you.


There’s an 8AM mass at St. Francis Xavier Church with the special intention for the safe return of my husband, Steve. You’re welcome to join me and my family in that mass if you’re available.

St. Francis Xavier Church location:

3801 Scott Road Burbank, CA 91504

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59 Days

Every Sunday, I would like to reflect back on all the good things in my life, or anything positive that had happened during the past week.

Today is a good day.

I spent the day with my family and we delegated among ourselves what are the things that needs to be done regarding the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil. My aunt Naomi & my mom cooked dinner and they cooked tilapia in vinegar broth, a Filipino comfort food for me. I may not tell this to their faces but I’m really grateful that I have them there planning with me.

Daddy & Me

We Skyped with my in-laws (Steve’s family) for an hour and a half  and my little munchkin told them stories, sang and showed them shapes and numbers. I’m grateful for for that moment.

I had a movie night out with my mommy friends and I really had a good time. For a couple of hours, I was transported somewhere else where I don’t have to think that Steve is still missing. It doesn’t even matter what movie I was watching because I’d been out of the loop about what movies are currently being shown. I’m grateful for the company I had.

But as soon as the movie was over. I just had this overwhelming feeling of missing him. I remember how understanding he has been about me- spending time with my girlfriends. I remember as soon as I got home, we’ll usually talk about what we did during the time we’re not together. I’m grateful for that memory. I’m so grateful for his generosity.

Thank you, babe.


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56 Days

Steve’s Advocates.

The Let’s Bring Steve Home Voluntary Searches has been giving me hope because leads has started to trickle in. This has made possible by the volunteers who made the time and effort to help our family in this crisis, the local media outlets who helped in maintaining the awareness that Steve is still missing, and the Search and Rescue teams who traversed the Verdugo mountains searching for clues about his disappearance.

Let's Bring Steve Home
Let’s Bring Steve Home

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