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64 Days

Campaign For The Missing.

According to the Department of Justice’s website that in 2011, there are about 94,152 Missing Children, and about 35,242 Missing Adults in California. That’s a total of 129,394 Missing People. That means that 354 people were missing everyday. But they are more than numbers. These people are loved by someone.

The shoes that Steve could be wearing when he disappeared.
The shoes that Steve could be wearing when he disappeared.

During the first two weeks that Steve had been missing, I just felt lost & helpless. I have no control on what’s going on. I wanted to go out and find Steve but I don’t know how to start. There weren’t any resources that was given to us so that me and my family would know what to do if your loved one is missing. Although, I’m grateful that the Employee Continue reading “64 Days”

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57 Days

In the midst of searching for my husband, one of the things that I’m learning along the way is that there are only a few legal ways that are in place to take care of the financial matters or the estate of the missing person. Banks or institutions wouldn’t talk to me if I have no authorization even in the State of California where everything is a communal property. Actually, I do want that protection because that will keep any missing person from any scams especially these days where identity theft is getting rampant. But there is actually nothing in place for families of the missing person to help them legally with the intention of protecting the missing person’s assets or estate. This is quite ironic when there is literally thousands of missing person cases and these families like mine needs so much help in dealing with more than the searches.

Daddy & Me
Daddy & Me

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Thea's Thoughts

55 Days

Happy 4th of July.

W.O.M. The world of the missing is dark and confusing. What makes everything bearable is the support I have from family and friends. I’m so glad that I belong to this kind of family because in spite of the crisis, we still cling to our faith, hope & humor.

My Family
My Family

So, this 4th of July, I’m grateful for a lot of things:

The wonderful memories I have of Steve and the love that we have for each other.

My little one who makes me happy & loved.

My mom who keeps me grounded.

My aunt Naomi’s day long cooking, creative prayers & convincing powers.

My cousin Karen & Justine, who had been taking care of Kyle whenever the need arises.

My auntie Vangie’s prayers that pacify my soul.

My uncle Alan, for his off beat jokes and humor.

I’m also grateful for knowing Steve’s family. They are my family, too.

Some people might not understand our family but that’s how we deal. Everyday, I’m grateful to God that I have them.

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