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61 Days

My favorite word at this stage in my life: HOPE

As anything that is within humankind’s right, it is our right to hope.

“Hope is a permanent force in every man, a driving power as long as he lives.”~ humanist and Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch.

I came across a sermon by Paul Tillich at Harvard’s Memorial Church in March l965. He questions whether mankind have a right to hope, even against hope. He discussed the difference between foolish hope and a genuine hope:

Daddy & Me
Daddy & Me

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Thea's Thoughts

50 Days

I never thought I would be in a position where I would be talking to a counselor about trauma. I thought all the Oprah shows I had watched would have prepared me for anything – but not this. All the caring thoughts and messages from the facebook to personal messages I received, I really do appreciate and it does help me. I told my counselor that I needed something more. I needed to talk to or connect to people who had been or who does have the same predicament that I do, that have a loved one missing. My counselor was wise enough not to suggest a bereavement group because I just balked at that thought. Because no one knows for sure what happened to Steve, not even the FBI or the Burbank Police Department, and not even the psychics of the world.

Stephen Ivens MissingFlyer
Stephen Ivens Missing Person Flyer

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Thea's Thoughts

49 Days

I live in a nightmare that never ends.

I now sleep in a dreamless state. And if I do dream about Steve, I can’t remember what it was when I wake up. I wake up in the morning and I still unconsciously reach out on the other side of the bed where he used to be sleeping. Steve usually brings our little munchkin from his room to our bed & we all lay down there snuggling for a few minutes. The little one finishes his milk and we all get up to get ready for the day. Most of the time, we both bring our packed lunch & have breakfast at work, too. In the corner of the dining room, his lunch bag is still there but empty. So, dinner is an important part of the day for the three of us. We’re all together, eating together as a family but now he’s not there.

My Love
My Love

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Thea's Thoughts

48 Days

As I said a few days ago, there are hundreds of people that’s missing everyday. I was stunned by that information when Steve went missing. Slowly, I’m learning all this stuff about W.O.M. (The World Of the Missing) in finding resources on how to bring Steve back home to us safely.

Steve's Impromptu Advance Birthday Celebration
Steve’s Impromptu Advance Birthday Celebration

I stumbled through Project Jason online when I came across stories of families whose loved one is missing. I just submitted Steve’s case to them. Their mission as a non profit organization: “is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.

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