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78 Days

Kelly Snyder, Claudia Shmitz, Sharon Reinhardt, Dan Baldwin, Claudia Shmitz, Sharon Reinhardt, Dan Baldwin, Rick and Gloria Snider, Bob and Terri Davies were part of the Find Me and the Arizona Search Track and Rescue (AZ-STAR) group that volunteered from Arizona.

Find Me & AZ-STAR
Find Me & AZ-STAR

The AZ-STAR dogs that helped in our search for Steve or even clues were YuHu, a Siberian Husky; Stryker, a Belgian Tervuren; and Spenser , a Black Labrador. My little munchkin was able to meet them but he’s a little scared of big dogs. They’re lovely dogs, though.


I kept in touch with Kelly and he told me that they’re home safe but just finished doing a search for an adult male from Illinois and currently working on the missing little girls from Iowa. He said that this volunteer work never ends. They do make a difference to the World of the Missing. To the families of the missing loved ones, they are unsung heroes. Their work is supported only by donations so any kind of assistance would be welcome.

For donations to Find Me:
For donations to AZ STAR:

I recently talked to Detective Gordon and he told me that once he received a detailed report from Kelly he’ll review what action needs to be done.

To the volunteers who had been helping me from day one, thank you so much.

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