Thea's Thoughts

77 Days

In spite of our family crisis, I do have little moments of happiness. When I look at the pictures and videos of Steve, those little things makes me happy. When I wear the stuff my husband has given me as a gift during my birthday, anniversary or holidays, it makes me happy.

Thea and Steve
Thea and Steve

My mom has always told me that I don’t really need to shop anymore because I have everything. But those are things – just stuff. All I need is my family reunited again. I need my husband back.

My stuff. Actually, I’m just stifling this urge to just throw my stuff away. The most practical thing for me to do is to sell and donate them. Even if I’m feeling that way, there are things that I still hold value than most but those are things that hold special memories for me and Steve. Those stuff I’m keeping with me.

I’m already planning to sell a lot of my stuff away. Actually, my little munchkin’s stuff and mine. I’d always used Amazon to resell my used books. I’ll also try Facebook Marketplace. I’m thinking about Craiglist but I’m a little bit wary of that website. I don’t like eBay because they charge the seller for listing before you even sell anything. There’s also the LA Kids Consignment every season but I always miss that.

For donation, we always use the Salvation Army. The great thing about that nonprofit group is that they also pick up the bigger item like furniture, etc.

Thank you for the stuff you’d given me, babe.

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