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67 Days

This coming Saturday, July 21 we’ll resume the Let’s Bring Steve Home Voluntary Search Activity. We are lucky to have Find Me group and Arizona Search Track And Rescue (AZ-STAR) to help us in finding Steve or clues about his disappearance. That is only one part that will be ongoing regarding our Voluntary search. My family and friends are also planning to check out medical facilities which could be a challenging task. I’ll get into this more next time since I would like to talk about the Volunteer group that will be coming from Arizona.

Searching for Steve
Searching for Steve

Find Me is a unique group of volunteers that consists of retired law enforcement agents, intuitive consultants, canine search and rescue professionals that had been assisting families of missing person and homicide victims for 10 years already. They partnered with AZ-STAR eight years ago.

AZ-STAR is a nonprofit organization that assist the public with trained air scent and trailing dog/handler teams in locating lost or missing persons and evidence searches.

These 2 groups doesn’t charge any of their services at all. It’s interesting how I get to learn about this group. One of the followers from our Let’s Bring Steve Home facebook page, suggested to me to check out the Psychic Crime Fighter website and the webmaster, Shellee Hale reached out to me and referred Kelly Snyder’s group, Find Me.

They are purely relying from donations and they pay for their own expenses. So, please help them out so they can help out other families of missing person since a lot of times, they have to turn down some cases due to lack of funds. Here’s the link so you can send them donations:

Find Me. On the right sidebar, they have  a paypal donation link.


I’m eternally grateful to the Search Volunteers who had helped our family and the other Search Volunteers who intends to help our family in bringing Steve home safely to me and our little munchkin.

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