Thea's Thoughts

62 Days

The Prayer Vigil.

There are things that we did during the prayer vigil to make it special for Steve: we had a prayer box where all the guest can write their own personal prayer for Steve; the lighting of a candle to guide his path going back home safely to us; we played the song, “Rose”; and a mass release of monarch butterflies which we also did during our wedding reception 8 years ago. These are 62 butterflies to mark each day that Steve has been missing. This means a promise of a new beginning  or a new chapter in our life together when he comes back home to me & our little munchkin.

I hope and pray that you'll come back home soon, babe.
Stephen Ryan Ivens, a loving husband & father. I declare that he’ll come back to us safely, soon.

I would like to share the prayer I made for the intention of Steve’s safe return:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all your blessings.
Thank you for having a community that cares.                                                                                      Thank you for having our community united together
in our quest to find Steve.
Here I am,  humbly asking your help.
Lord, wherever Steve, maybe
please guide him.
Bless him with clarity, faith, hope, love and confidence.
Embrace him w/ your protection
and lead him back home safely to us,  his family.
Enlighten & remind him that our family love him unconditionally.
Also, I ask your divine guidance in this family crisis.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

I’m grateful  for the people who participated in the Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil.  To those guests that went out of their way to have the time to support our family, I’m just really touched by  your gestures. To my family,  friends  & concerned individuals & groups who weren’t able to make it at the location of the prayer vigil and to those  who live out of state or even in different parts of the world and yet made the time and effort to group together and pray at the same time that we were doing the prayer vigil in Burbank, CA, —Thank You.


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