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61 Days

My favorite word at this stage in my life: HOPE

As anything that is within humankind’s right, it is our right to hope.

“Hope is a permanent force in every man, a driving power as long as he lives.”~ humanist and Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch.

I came across a sermon by Paul Tillich at Harvard’s Memorial Church in March l965. He questions whether mankind have a right to hope, even against hope. He discussed the difference between foolish hope and a genuine hope:

Daddy & Me
Daddy & Me

“This leads to something else that makes hope so difficult. Hope is easy for every fool but hard for the wise one. Everybody can lose himself in foolish hopes, but genuine hope is something rare and great. How then can we distinguish genuine from foolish hope?

Where there is genuine hope, there that for which we hope already has some presence. In some way, the hoped for is at the same time here and not here. It is not yet fulfilled, and it may remain unfulfilled. But it is here, in the situation and in ourselves, as a power which drives those who hope into the future. There is a beginning here and now. And this beginning drives toward an end. The hope itself, if it is rooted in the reality of something already given, becomes a driving, power and makes fulfillment not certain, but possible. Where such a beginning of what is hoped for is lacking, hope is foolishness.”

It’s interesting how he analyzes one of the most fundamental & emotional behavior of mankind:

“We hope for a lasting love, because we feel the power of this love present. But it is hope, not certainty..

Hoping often implies waiting. Waiting demands patience, and patience demands stillness within one’s self. This aspect of hope is most important in the hope we have within ourselves and our own maturing and fulfilling what we essentially are and therefore ought to be.

There are two kinds of waiting, the passive waiting in laziness and the receiving waiting in openness. He who waits in laziness, passively, prevents the coming of what he is waiting for. He who waits in quiet tension, open for what he may encounter, works for its coming. Such waiting in openness and hope does what no will power can do for our own inner development.”

For the full text, you can view this online at:

This explains in part why my family & I are organizing the “Let’s Bring Steve Home Prayer Vigil.” It’s our expression of hope against hope, and yet I feel it’s a genuine hope. Hope that Steve will come back home to us safely and soon.

My aunt Naomi and my Mom always stresses to me that I have to be patient because “everything will be revealed in God’s time.” It infuriates me because I want Steve to be home right NOW. But as I reflect on their advice which is hard to do, I realize there’s truth in that. I have to rediscover the stillness within me to find him.

Mommy, auntie Naomi & auntie Vangie, thank you.

1 thought on “61 Days”

  1. Maintaining that hope is so hard… I am praying for your perseverance in that hope and to not get discouraged.


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