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58 Days

W.O.M. Stories

What lead me to finding out about Project Jason is a story of a daughter searching for her missing mother who vanished from her home. This story is leading me into other more missing person stories and their families. Each and everyone’s stories are different and yet we share the same situation: a loved one is missing.

Prayer Vigil Flyer
Prayer Vigil Flyer

I would like to share the actual text from another resource’s website. The family of a missing person created Finder’s Hope, a nonprofit organization “dedicated to bringing Hope to those with a Missing loved one through Direct Support and Services, Advocacy, and Education and Awareness.” This really made me think:

“Imagine if….

There was a day in the United States where 10 airplanes carrying 200 passengers each went down, meaning we lost over 2000 people.

Imagine if…

In one year there were 700,000 people mysteriously gone from our communities, our families, our home.

This would be a National Crisis.

Each year over 700,000 people are missing in our country. 700,000 people who are sons or daughters, husbands or wives, Moms or Dads, friends, co-workers, neighbors…

This is a National Crisis.

Imagine if…

You came home today to find a loved one missing.

Imagine if…

You had to navigate the maze of a search with limited law enforcement support, people telling you to ignore your instincts and not to worry, and search through woods, water and fields alone.

Imagine if…

Days, then weeks, then months, and even years went by and still you have no answers.

This would be a Family Crisis

Each year over 700,000 families face these things. Some find loved one’s safe, some find the news they dread, and others still wait for answers, no matter what they may be.

This is their Family Crisis and they need help.

They need you.”

What about you? What would you do?

I came across an article online titled, Everything You Need To Know When Your Loved One Goes Missing by David Van Norman, a San Bernardino County deputy coroner’s investigator. It’s really an eye opener. Every family of a missing person should empower themselves with information.

Thank you.


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