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57 Days

In the midst of searching for my husband, one of the things that I’m learning along the way is that there are only a few legal ways that are in place to take care of the financial matters or the estate of the missing person. Banks or institutions wouldn’t talk to me if I have no authorization even in the State of California where everything is a communal property. Actually, I do want that protection because that will keep any missing person from any scams especially these days where identity theft is getting rampant. But there is actually nothing in place for families of the missing person to help them legally with the intention of protecting the missing person’s assets or estate. This is quite ironic when there is literally thousands of missing person cases and these families like mine needs so much help in dealing with more than the searches.

Daddy & Me
Daddy & Me

But there are two avenues: power of attorney and conservatorship. The power of attorney should have been in place before the loved one is missing. The conservatorship can be done after the loved one is missing but this process is tedious and can be costly. So, this is where I am at now. Making sure that anything on my husband’s name – credit, finances and properties are protected while he’s missing.

Here are some links that could be helpful to other families of the missing:

Power of Attorney

Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney Act

POA Form


Probate Guardianship/Conservatorship Information

Conservatorship: Appointments and Powers of Conservator

Why am I thinking about this so publicly? I have no intention of talking about any of our financial matters because that is private information. I had discussed from my previous post that there is no such thing as a handbook for families of the missing person. But now I believe that there should be one. It took me a while to find the support and information I can get about the World Of the Missing. A lot of the information I’m getting are from my own research and from the people who had unfortunately experienced this. I’ll post the link for Resources once I’d organized the information.

I’m thankful for the guidance I’m receiving.

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