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56 Days

Steve’s Advocates.

The Let’s Bring Steve Home Voluntary Searches has been giving me hope because leads has started to trickle in. This has made possible by the volunteers who made the time and effort to help our family in this crisis, the local media outlets who helped in maintaining the awareness that Steve is still missing, and the Search and Rescue teams who traversed the Verdugo mountains searching for clues about his disappearance.

Let's Bring Steve Home
Let’s Bring Steve Home

This coming weekend, it’ll be just our family who will be doing our own personal search. I’ll be strategizing how we’re going to do the next searches as I review the information that I’d gathered so far. Some people might think that I’m crazy for continuing the searches or what I’m doing is a lost cause but I really believe that my husband, Steve is not a lost cause. Me and our family (mine & Steve’s) are his best advocate right now so that his case won’t go cold. I hope that you could join us to be his advocate, too.

Next Wednesday, will be the 2nd month that Steve has been missing. I really hope to God that he’ll be back before then so that day will be a celebration. As I’d mentioned before, our family and friends are gathering together to hold a Prayer Vigil for the safe return of Steve. This will be on July 11, 2012, Wednesday, 6:30PM-8PM at McCambridge Park. Address:1515 North Glenoaks Boulevard,  Burbank, CA 91504. It’ll be at the green gazebo in front of the playground. We’re inviting the community, parish communities, everyone of religion and denomination to join us. You’re welcome to invite your family and friends, too. You can download the flyer here.

On the same day, there’ll be an 8AM mass at St. Francis Xavier Church with the special intention for the safe return of Stephen (Steve) Ryan Ivens. You’re welcome to join us in that mass if you’re available. St. Francis Xavier Church location: 3801 Scott Road Burbank, CA 91504.

Thank you.

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