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55 Days

Happy 4th of July.

W.O.M. The world of the missing is dark and confusing. What makes everything bearable is the support I have from family and friends. I’m so glad that I belong to this kind of family because in spite of the crisis, we still cling to our faith, hope & humor.

My Family
My Family

So, this 4th of July, I’m grateful for a lot of things:

The wonderful memories I have of Steve and the love that we have for each other.

My little one who makes me happy & loved.

My mom who keeps me grounded.

My aunt Naomi’s day long cooking, creative prayers & convincing powers.

My cousin Karen & Justine, who had been taking care of Kyle whenever the need arises.

My auntie Vangie’s prayers that pacify my soul.

My uncle Alan, for his off beat jokes and humor.

I’m also grateful for knowing Steve’s family. They are my family, too.

Some people might not understand our family but that’s how we deal. Everyday, I’m grateful to God that I have them.

I’m also grateful for the kind of friends I have. My close friends who had been there since day one are problem solvers: Kissette with her practical solutions & Gigi with her great instinct. My mommy friends who had been sending me food at home during that 1st month and making sure my little one have a playdate. To all the family & friends that I haven’t mentioned here and had been helping me in any way they can, you know who you are. I also have really close friends from different parts of the world that reached out which really means a lot to me. I may not respond to the messages right away but please know that your thoughtful messages makes me feel I’m not alone in this journey.

I love you all and thank you for being there for me and my family.

2 thoughts on “55 Days”

  1. Hi Thea,
    I wrote to you before. Everyday I search the Internet to see if there is any change with your husband’s disappearance. I pray for you and Steve and of course your little munchkin! Your strong spirit and faith are such an inspiration for me. I suffer from depression but I have a wonderful, loving husband and 3 dogs who I love dearly. I should be so happy but the depression takes over. Please know that my thoughts are with you and I pray for you each day all the way from NJ. If you ever need to travel to NJ please let me know and I will assist you in any way that I can.


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