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51 Days

Kelly Jolkowski, the Founder & President of Project Jason is helping me & my family to keep the awareness going that my husband, Steve is still missing. They have a program called, 18 Wheels Angels which, “is an all volunteer program in which truck drivers volunteer their time and resources to help locate missing loved ones. Target Media Partners works with Project Jason to provide additional assistance for families of the missing by publishing the photos and information for each featured campaign in their monthly magazines, Through the Gears, TruckJobSeekers, and Independent Contractor. These publications have a circulation of 150,000, and can be found at truckstops and other businesses nationwide.”

Steve's Missing Person Flyer On Location
Steve’s Missing Person Flyer On Location

Jason is the 19-year-old son of Kelly & Jim, the namesake of this organization who had been missing since 2001. At that time, there were no assistance for the families of the missing that they felt there is such a need to create an organization to answer this void. I’m just grateful that they’ll include Steve in the 18 Wheels Angels Program.

11 days from now, it’ll be the second month that Steve has been missing. Hopefully, at least one of the leads that the Burbank Police Department and our family has been receiving will pan out. We are planning to have a special evening mass at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Burbank this coming July 11. If Steve comes back home by then, it’ll be a Thanksgiving Mass. If that doesn’t happen, then we’ll mark that day in the month as a remembrance and awareness day that Steve is still missing. More details will follow. I’m planning to talk to the Parish Priest, Father Benny about this. I understand that it’ll be hard to organize a special mass at such a short notice but I hope my fellow parishioners and the Parish Council will help me out to make this happen. If you have any personal contact with the St. Francis Xavier Church Parish Council in Burbank, please send me an email or a private message on Facebook. I do have a plan B but I rather have a special evening mass there since we belong to that parish, so that more people can attend after work, and because that church is Steve’s father’s namesake.

Thank you.

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