Thea's Thoughts

50 Days

I never thought I would be in a position where I would be talking to a counselor about trauma. I thought all the Oprah shows I had watched would have prepared me for anything – but not this. All the caring thoughts and messages from the facebook to personal messages I received, I really do appreciate and it does help me. I told my counselor that I needed something more. I needed to talk to or connect to people who had been or who does have the same predicament that I do, that have a loved one missing. My counselor was wise enough not to suggest a bereavement group because I just balked at that thought. Because no one knows for sure what happened to Steve, not even the FBI or the Burbank Police Department, and not even the psychics of the world.

Stephen Ivens MissingFlyer
Stephen Ivens Missing Person Flyer

It took me a while but I finally found Project Jason. If only the FBI and BPD gave me that information even within that first week. Families of Missing Person should know that there are resources out there for them. Unfortunately, a lot of our law enforcement agencies are still struggling with Missing Person cases in spite of the technological advances that’s available. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to hinder the investigation in finding my husband, Steve.

Tomorrow, a few family and friends will be part of the Let’s Bring Steve Home search party to go around the San Fernando Valley area. If you can’t come, please take a few minutes of your time to download and print out Steve’s Missing Person Flyer in your area, wherever you maybe – another City or State, it does matter. You’ll never know who may see Steve’s Missing Person Flyer and that may lead into finally bringing him home safely to me, our little one and our family. Even one flyer per  person matters.

Thank you.

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