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45 Days

“An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children.”~ America’s Missing by David Krajicek

I’d never thought that Steve will be part of that number. I’d never thought that our family will experience this. But one thing I can say is that the urgency to find a loved one whether it’s a child or an adult should be the same.

Stephen Ivens
Stephen Ivens

Do you know that there are hundreds of missing persons who didn’t even make it to the local or national news or media outlets? It just happens that my husband is an FBI agent that’s why there’s an initial media attention. But this immediately died down. This is old news already & that somehow hurts this case because one of the things that could help locate my husband is to have leads. Now, how are law enforcement agencies would be able to get leads if the media is not making the public aware that my husband is still missing? At the same time, I believe that the law enforcement agencies should continuously make an effort to reach out to these media outlets.

I called the Burbank Police Department’s phone number that is listed on Steve’s Missing Person Flyer to call in yesterday’s report from the volunteers who had sightings about Steve. The sergeant on the other line asked me why the person who supposedly saw Steve didn’t call the BPD & I told him that it’s because that person who might have possibly seen Steve wasn’t even aware that Steve is missing.

Now, this is not to criticize anyone or any organization. This is just a call for action. Do we have to experience having a loved one missing to realize how important this issue is? I know we have America’s Most Wanted but it doesn’t only focus on the Missing Person cases. Maybe we should have another program that just focuses on America’s Missing Person’s cases. I know TV One have “Find our Missing” which is great but it only focuses on people of color. There is such a large void in the national media for a continuous awareness about Missing Person cases. This can be possibly translated into a television show to help families like mine who are trying hard that these cases don’t get cold. I challenge these big television stations to do the right thing. I challenge the Law Enforcement agencies to continue their actual physical searches for missing person cases even if a case is already lead based.

I have no plans to be a spokesperson for the families who have loved ones that are Missing because even if our experiences are generally the same, each person’s pain is still different from one another.

Thank you.

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