Thea's Thoughts

35th Day

My birthday wish for you, babe.


My Birthday Wish for Steve


I wish that wherever you are

You’ll think about our love

I hope that this comforts you

Even in the darkest hour

Steve's Birthday Last Year
Steve's Birthday Last Year

I wish that you’ll think of Kyle

Because I know he makes you smile

How I wish I can see it now

And it breaks my heart because I can’t


I wish that you’re safe

May angels protect you from any harm

That you’ll meet kindness along the road

Even among strangers that you see


I wish that you’re cared for

The way our family cares for you

I wish you a peace of mind

That someday soon you’ll have clarity


I wish that you’ll find that road

With clear direction in your mind

Leading that road back home

Safely back home to me & our son.

3 thoughts on “35th Day”

  1. WHY? Why would he leave it all behind? Was he bullied at work? Did he bring money, maybe a secret stash? Were you happy together? Did he discover the secret to world peace. Some Internet rhetoric suggests he defected, do you think he did? Why does no one respond to the public’s question??

    You may find it interesting that another missing husband case was solved by an armchair sleuth following a case hundreds of miles away but was observant enough to combine all data and calculate an approximate time or point the particular husband went missing. Guess what, a search of the particular spot unveiled the man’s decomposed body in a crashed vehicle hidden by brushes & debris. 14 months of anguish and uncertainty later.

    You want armchair share views and analysis. What do you have to lose other than your husband who is gone?


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