Thea's Thoughts

34th Day

Press Statement:

My family & I will always be grateful for all the search efforts  that have been done by the FBI, the Burbank Police Department,  other law enforcement agencies, volunteers &  search & rescue teams. I’m eternally grateful for the support & prayers that we’re receiving from my family, friends & our community.

A One of A Kind Dad
A One of A Kind Dad

Last May 11, I called 911 & I reported that Steve was missing. All that was missing were his FBI issued gun & his set of car & home keys. He left a short gratitude letter to me that included a message to our son. It’s my belief that he’s wearing his blue & grey Reeboks rubber shoes & dark blue Levi’s jeans.  It had been 34 days as of now. Last May 24, the search for Steve had transitioned to lead based searches. From my understanding, if there are no leads then there would be no searches that would be conducted to find my husband, Steve.  According to the Burbank Police Department & the FBI, lately, there had been no tips or  leads at all. From then on, my uncle Jim & I had been conducting our own personal searches by going to the Verdugo mountains and visiting the beaches, homeless shelters & soup kitchens in Santa Monica & Venice Beach. There have been unconfirmed sightings & we reported that to the Burbank Police Department which they were followed up with. The lead detective, Brian Gordon told me that he is currently reviewing tapes that were taken from the train station here in Burbank. My uncle Jim can expound on that.  It is my fear that this case is now starting to get cold & that’s why I’m here again asking for your help because tomorrow, it’ll be my husband’s birthday & this coming Sunday, it’ll be Father’s Day. Our child is making a birthday card & a Father’s card for him & it’s hard to think that we’ll celebrate his birthday without him. It’ll be hard for our child to spend Father’s Day without his Dad. Every day & night I pray & hope that Steve will be back home safely to us. I’m asking the public’s help to reunite our family again w/ Steve. It’s impossible that no one had seen him or might have known something about his disappearance. Please, if anyone had seen him, please call the Burbank Police Department   & the FBI. We are asking for volunteers to join our search party this coming June 16 & June 23. We would like to reach out to any search & rescue teams to help us in this effort. But I’m hoping that we don’t have to do that when Steve comes home. Steve, babe – I love you & I miss you. Please, reach out to us & let us know that you’re okay.

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