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30th Day

I went to the Verdugo Mountain trails in the morning, just posting some flyers up at the Wildwood Canyon Park & at the La Tuna Canyon head trail parking lot. While on the trail, I try to see & observe any signs of him. I’m glad I went with my neighbor because she’s familiar with this trail & I’m not. It’s actually my first time hiking this trail. I hiked at the Griffith Park with my girlfriends occasionally like 3 times in a year.  My last serious hike was in a rainforest in the Philippines & it seems like it was another lifetime. I miss it & I want to do it again. It clears my head & it gives me more determination to bring Steve home safely to our family.

La Tuna Canyon Trail
La Tuna Canyon Trail

Uncle Jim on the other hand has been checking the area in Santa Monica & Venice Beach. Steve likes the beach areas  that’s why my uncle thought that it doesn’t hurt to look around that area. He’s been checking out the community centers, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, etc. There are a handful of people who said that they thought they saw Steve & it renews my hope that we’ll find him.

So, that’s it. It’s just me & my Uncle Jim who are really actively looking for Steve. The law enforcement agencies only acts when there are leads & they haven’t been receiving any.  We asked the BPD to coordinate for us about seeking the media to help us in building the awareness that Steve, my husband is still missing. Our son, misses him so much. Each night, he’d been asking if Daddy is still working.

If you’re reading this right now, please help us. If you have the time, help us search Steve in the Verdugo Mountains. I know that the law enforcement agencies had searched the area but it doesn’t hurt to look again.

Thank you.

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  1. No, Thea…. do NOT think that you and Jim are the only ones looking. I am inbeleive FLORIDA, and have found myself following people through the hardware stores because I thought they looked like Steven. I am a member of a FB group of retired officers, and all news is posted to our page. We have discussed your situation at length and are very worried, this could have happened to any of us, or to me as I am also an officer’s wife, in addition to being a retired officer. We are praying for you daily. If you need to vent even more, you now have my name for FB, and my email.


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